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 Pokedex Suggestion

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PostSubject: Pokedex Suggestion   Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:30 am

1: Im Gonna make by letter..

all the pokemon will be alphabetical like

a b c d e f ............etc

and here is and exaple..



Wild Hold Item Base EXP Base Happinness Colour Category
NeverMeltIce - 5% 1,250,000 Points
Slow 70 White

Flavour Text
Diamond It whips up blizzards in mountains that are always buried in snow. It is the abominable snowman.
Pearl It blankets wide areas in snow by whipping up blizzards. It is also known as β€œThe Ice Monster.”

Location (DP Details)
Game Rarity Location
Diamond Rare Mt. Coronet Top Details
Pearl Rare Mt. Coronet Top Details

Diamond/Pearl Level Up
Level Attack Name Type Cat. Att. Acc. PP Effect %
— Ice Punch
75 100 15 10
An icy punch that may freeze the foe.
— Powder Snow
40 100 25 10
Blasts the foe with a snowy gust. May cause freezing.
— Leer
-- 100 30 --
Frightens the foe with a leer to lower DEFENSE.
— Razor Leaf
55 95 25 --
Cuts the enemy with leaves. High critical-hit ratio.
— Icy Wind
55 95 15 100
A chilling attack that lowers the foe's SPEED.
5 Razor Leaf


Ultra Monsterkill

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Pokedex Suggestion
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