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 Pkmn Place Pokedex - Time to get in-depth!

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PostSubject: Pkmn Place Pokedex - Time to get in-depth!   Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:46 am

This Pokedex will contain most of the info, data, facts about every single pokemon, all 493 of 'em.

The Information Listed will include

1. Pokemon Name / Game Sprite
2. National Dex Number
3. Ability / Type
4. Evolution Chain
5. Advantages / Weaknesses
6. In-Game Location
7. Diamond / Pearl Learnable Moves
8. TM and HM attacks
9. Egg Moves
10. Stats

They will be listed numerically 1-493.

Thanks to Pkm God for the Idea.
People working on this project are GC-Admin, Pkm God, Mevin and Pokeman66


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Pkmn Place Pokedex - Time to get in-depth!
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