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 Help me build a new BL/UU team.

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PostSubject: Help me build a new BL/UU team.   Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:41 am

Yo Guys!

I've been battling on wi-fi for a long time now and im a decent competitive battler, but i've been doing some observations during my battles and i've discovered that OU(overused) pokemon are 89% of the time so predictable.
For Example :
A Player sends out a Gyarados against an electric type poke that's because 90% of Gyarados' has the move earthquake which counters electric types.
And by now i think you now what im talking about.

I've decided to make a new BL/UU team (borderline and underused)

Here's what i need.

3 Leads - Pokemon that will be sent out at the start of the battle (first poke)
4 Physical Walls - Pokemon that can withstand physical type based moves
4 Special Walls - Pokemon that can withstand special type based mves
5 Physical Sweepers - Pokemon that has "ok" speed + high physical stats.
5 Special Sweepers - Pokemon that has "ok" speed + high special attack stats
2 Annoyers - Pokemon that can do status heals, status problems, etc.

Just choose any 6 of the things listed above.
And if you can pls. provide a good moveset for the specific pokemon.


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Help me build a new BL/UU team.
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