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 ANNOUNCEMENT : Top Trainer - New “Thing“ in Pkmn Place Forums!

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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT : Top Trainer - New “Thing“ in Pkmn Place Forums!   Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:29 am

Hey everyone!
I would just want to inform everybody about the new idea i came up with to make this site a whole lot fun and let`s say competitive.
Pkmn Place Forums will start a new thing called “Top Trainer“ what is top trainer ask?

Well a lot of members have been saying that we should have some sort of gyms in the site, but i've seen about 50-60 pokemon forums that has the pokemon gym content.

Since i dončt want us to be one of those forums who copies wat other forums do, i've decided for this forum to have something else something unique yet simple and that's when i though of the top trainer system.

I can't talk about the rules and such of the top trainer but i will certain some terms:
1. Top Trainer is just for fun and not meant be offend people if they're not in the certain rank or position
2. There will be a top trainer for each pokemon type (ex" water, fire, grass etc.)
3. No using of legends and ubers for Top Trainer Battles
Those are the terms that i should be downright followed if participating.

For members to recognize who the top trainer is there will be a top trainer logo+type name in their signature
it will look something like this

As for the start of this eccentric event nothing is yet to be confirmed.
But you guys have to tell me what you think about this idea
great or not


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ANNOUNCEMENT : Top Trainer - New “Thing“ in Pkmn Place Forums!
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